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Your newborn deserves the very best. Introducing Assessables®, a new bodysuit for today’s newborn that features umbilical cord exposure for air drying of the cord without harmful dyes or other chemicals. These convenient newborn garments provide full body coverage and mitten cuffs for optimal thermoregulation of a baby’s body temperature, and the patented opening allows for convenient diaper assessment. Available in newborn, preemie and newborn plus sizes, Assessables feature an adjustable length for a comfortable fit for your newborn.

Assessables were created by Jonelle Krier, RN, BSN, MS, an obstetrical/neonatal nurse and nursing instructor with more than 30 years of experience. Jonelle spent her career working to ensure health, safety and comfort for her newborn patients while reducing their risk of heat loss, infection and other complications.

During her hospital tenure, Jonelle realized there was a great need for an updated neonatal garment that would provide umbilical exposure while providing a quick opening for assessment of baby’s heart, lungs, bowels and diaper. Thus, the idea for Assessables was born—a new bodysuit meeting the needs of today’s newborn. After Assessables was introduced to hospitals and health professionals in 2011, the company began getting requests from parents, grandparents and friends for a consumer version. Thus, Assessables is now available in both hospitals and for your at-home needs.