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Nurses and Physicians working with hospital nurseries have an extremely important role. They model proper care and provide much information that influences how parents will care for their newborns. Standards of care for newborns have been updated yet, nursery garments have not changed in over 60 years.


Assessables® is committed to providing hospitals and parents with clothing that reflects a familiar, convenient and comfortable design while providing for current standards of newborn care.


Care of the umbilical cords begins in the nursery and continues after discharge. Parents are instructed to air dry the cord to aid in detachment and prevention of infection. Yet, how are parents instructed to dry the cord? Assessables® is committed to providing a method to accomplish this. It is the only newborn garment available that allows for air exposure of the umbilical area.


Thermoregulation is a constant consideration yet newborn nurseries traditionally dress infants in short shirts that ride up under the armpits exposing the body to cooling. Parents wishing to view their baby are left to ignore the advice to keep baby covered. Assessables® are designed to cover the infant’s body and arms limiting skin exposure and unnecessary heat loss.


Assessment of the newborn can be done effectively and efficiently. Physicians and nurses appreciate the convenient opening in the Assessables® bodysuit that allows for auscultation of sounds without disturbing or undressing the infant.


Parents of newborns with medical needs are encouraged to bond with their babies. The convenient opening in Assessables® provides and access for lines and monitors thus allowing parents of to hold their infants when out of the Isolette.


It’s time for a change! Get rid of antiquated nursery shirts from the 1940’s and 50’s. Assessables® bodysuits are designed to meet the needs of today’s newborn. 

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